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Our Team

Annisa Laksmi

Marketing Director

A digital marketing expert with a 6-year of experience. Her marketing career began in fashion retail e-commerce and then in the hospitality industry. Shortly after, she mastered the arts of B2C and B2B digital marketing.

Dyah Pranawengrum

Content Specialist

Digital marketer whose bread and butter is copywriting. Extensive experience in assisting businesses in growing through engaging copy for content marketing, email marketing, and website.

Ellida Ahmad

Digital Marketing Specialist

Specialized in content research and strategy with a number of different sectors under her belt. She has helped local and international businesses create unique brand personalities and increase their presence through digital platforms.

Morla Angelia

Art Director

Hands-on experience with logo design, typography, colour, WordPress, and package design. A creative thinker who embraces challenges and methods of thinking beyond the tasks at hand with a holistic and systematic approach.

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